Thais Invited to Donate to Indonesian Disaster Relief

Thais Invited to Donate to Indonesian Disaster Relief
Thais Invited to Donate to Indonesian Disaster Relief

In addition to donating 5 million THB to disaster relief in Indonesia, the Thai government has also set up the “Thai Hearts to Indonesia” bank account to collect further contributions.

Director-General of the Department of Information and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, Bussadee Santipitak reported that aid has been provided to the 32 Thai people on Sulawesi Island in Indonesia during the region’s earthquake and tsunami disaster and confirmed no other Thai people are stranded in Palu city.

More than 1,400 people have perished in the disaster with over 2,500 injured and 70,000 left homeless. The Thai government has opened a bank account named “Thai Hearts to Indonesia” with Krung Thai Bank numbered 067-0-13037-0 and invited citizens to make donations for relief. The Ministry of Public Health has at the same time prepared emergency medical units and 25 psychiatrists to provide medical support in the disaster zone but is awaiting a formal request for such aid from Indonesian authorities.

The Indonesian government has requested assistance in the form of air transport, tents, water treatment equipment, power generators, field hospitals and medical personnel. The Thai state has already provided 5 million THB via the Indonesian Embassy and is coordinating with Thai investors in Indonesia to access another 10 million THB in aid.