Lecturers from Thammasat University have recently collected information concerning road safety problems in Hua Hin and will forward a report to government.

On 29th July 2013, Assissant Professor Dr. Pawinee Eamtrakul, an expert on city planning from Thammsat University with a team of researchers on Thailand’s traffic systems, attended a meeting with public officers and representatives of local Hua Hin communities.  The meeting addressed problems about traffic and the safety of foreign visitors. Recommendations from this meeting will be sent to concerned organisations and the government who will work on solutions.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Pawinee’s team was financially supported to collect such information in Koh Samui, Pai District and Hua Hin.  Although the conditions vary in these locations, the major problems are not that different, particularly problems for foreign visitors. Public organisations need to be aware of the problems and at the same time foreigners should learn about how to avoid road accidents and how to apply for international driving licenses.

Foreigners who are involved in accidents are both individuals and tour group members.  They may not have enough knowledge about traffic systems and regulations.  Problems such as alcohol use and using a phone when driving are also prominent.

Problems with foreign language communication, namely Germany, French, Chinese, Russian, not to mention English, often causes other problems including medical care, life insurance and legal prosecution.  Even though Thailand is a major tourist attraction, safety measures are not good enough, said Dr. Pawinee.

The meeting then resolved to urge public officers to recruit more staff, enforce strict international traffic measures, install clear traffic signboards on main streets, improve roads and enhance foreign languages for public staff.

All the problems and recommendations proposed at the meeting will be presented to the Thai government for practical and sustainable solutions.