The 10th Hua Hin Vintage Car Parade


The Vintage Car Club of Thailand together with the Amari Hua Hin Hotel, Hua Hin Municipality and Tourism Authority of Thailand will organize “The 10th Hua Hin Vintage Car Parade” under the concept of “WHETHER YOUNG OR OLD, VINTAGE IS IN OUR SOULS”, welcoming people of all genders and ages to get close and feel the magic charm of venerable and priceless vintage cars, for 3 days only, at Amari Hua Hin Hotel.

Kwanchai Paphatphong, President of Vintage Car Club of Thailand, said, “As decennary celebration of “Hua Hin Vintage Car Parade”, the Club together with Amari Hua Hin Hotel, Hua Hin Municipality and Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) will conjure up a grand event with a parade of over 50 rare antique, classic and custom cars, worth some 300 million Baht altogether. Even more special, the general public will for the first time gain free admittance to participate in the specially arranged activities.

“The Club allies with Amari Hua Hin Hotel which has a venue that is ready to provide convenience and welcome large crowds of people including Thai and foreign tourists to completely enjoy the activities there. Vintage Car Festival 2012 will take place at the rear zone of the Hotel, featuring a concert by artists from SMALL ROOM – THE RICHMAN TOY, LOMOSONIC, THE YERS and Pang Nakarin, the ultimate old style rock legend. Plus retro market, etc. The concept of the event this year “WHETHER YOUNG OR OLD, VINTAGE IS IN OUR SOULS” is derived from the Club’s concern that vintage cars in our country are slowly disappearing over time due to the small numbers of both the cars and their collectors. Preservation of vintage cars should therefore no longer be regarded as a hobby only of well-to-do elderlies.

On the contrary, it should be a pastime that is also actively pursued by the younger generation, with varied tastes and restoration ideas, to ensure that valuable vintage cars have a new lease of life and the fine culture of preservation and restoration spreads to wider sections of society and continues endlessly into the future.

“The 10th Hua Hin Vintage Car Parade” will be the first promotion activity of vintage car preservation that welcomes the younger generation to participate without expenses, whether in displaying custom cars or enjoying Vintage Car Festival 2012. Simon Dell, General Manager of Amari Hua Hin Hotel, who jointly organized “The 10th Hua Hin Festival of Vintage Car Parade 2012”, says he is pleased to work with the Club.

This activity will be part of the Hua Hin tourism stimulus plan for the high-season year-end period. The Hotel has the capacity and is keen to welcome 5,000 people and tourists within its precincts, 10,000 square metres of which will be decorated to recreate an atmosphere of yesteryear that would transport visitors back to a bygone era. He hopes the event will be so impressive that Amari Hua Hin is etched on everyone’s memory.