The Hilton – Stammtisch & Divas Night


I recently meet up with Michael Schmitt, General Manager of the Hilton to find out about their revamped Stammtisch and the new Hua Hin Divas nights. Michael told me that he has always been a very social person.  In every country where he has worked he has always taken part in Rotary Clubs and other social gatherings.

He felt that although Hua Hin has Rotary and Skal, it was time for Hilton to create a central social scene that was based on an appreciation of beer, food, entertainment and interesting conversation. A Stammtisch Event took place in the Hilton previously but in Michael’s capable hands the plan is to bring Stammtisch to new heights. Michael being Michael, he then created Hua Hin Divas as an equal opportunity sidekick for the ladies.

Before meeting Michael I checked on Google to see what Stammtisch means.  Stammtisch is a German word and means something like “regular’s table” or “regular get-together”. A traditional German Stammtisch is a get together with good beer, food and conversation centre stage.

Michael described Stammtisch as a monthly get together of the most influential men in Hua Hin on the last Friday of every month. The evening is set up very much like a traditional Stammtisch.  Beer is available, in this case, especially the three beers that the Hilton Hua Hin Brewing Company makes. Delicious food, normally a combination of German and Thai food is served in an informal sit-down style. But the big draw is the conversations around the Stammtisch table.  Everything about life, sports, business, cars and you name it.

The Hilton Stammtisch additionally includes short presentations, entertainment and an occasional raffle. So far two Stammtisch Events have been held.  The turnout has been very good and growing at each Event.  All members receive a personalised Stammtisch Polo T-Shirt and beer mug. Each Member’s beer mug is displayed in a dedicated Stammtisch cabinet.  When the Member wants a drink he can request to drink from his own mug. Members also get a discount card that applies at selected Hilton outlets. The starting time for Stammtisch is 7.00pm until 10pm but at the last event Stammtisch Members left at 2 AM!

I asked Michael to tell me why he created Divas Night.  He said that he felt Hilton should create something for the ladies at the same time.  While the men have a relaxing evening, so do the ladies. The men are in The Beer House while the ladies have a different program at the Sky Bar with tapas, sparkling wine and entertainment. The ladies also receive a Polo T Shirt in their chosen colour as well as other goodies.

At the end of the evening both the Divas and Stammtisch Members can meet up in the Beer House to dance the night away.

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