The New Electronic Driving License; Simply Scan it through an App

The new EDL on your smart phone.

The Department of Land Transport has released a new smart-card driving license that has a QR Code data verification system to increase the efficiency of accessing personal information.

Just by scanning the QR code behind the new driver’s license on your smart phone, authorities could easily access the driver’s information via electronic systems. To simply do this, just download the DLT QR LICENSE application from the Department of Land Transport through a smart phone, and fill-up the electronic data form with your personal ID number and email address, then it will display a virtual driving license, front and back, right on your phone screen.

The system will allow the user to set a 6-digit security code for the safety of their license. This system has come into effect since September 20, 2019. This is to increase convenience for drivers to show their own virtual driving license to authorities when being asked.

This new Electronic Driving License (EDL) not only displays personal information, but also has an SOS menu which users can call or send SMS messages when in an emergency situation. It has a reminder alert as well when the driving license nears the date of its expiry. You can also find useful information about the process of obtaining an EDL; how to apply, what documents are required and how long it will take to process, which is quite convenient too.

For those who still carry old driving licenses of all types, they can still be used until its expiration before changing into a new one. Lifelong driving licenses can also be used without the need to change it at all. In the event that the driver’s license was damaged or lost, the EDL itself has already a QR code embedded with the user’s personal information, so applying for a new EDL is as easy as in the first time.

Applicants just have to pay a certain amount of fee applicable to the regulations of the Department of Land Transport. The new smart-card EDL is made of durable synthetic material that comes with a high-security protection system to avoid from being tampered and to protect the driver’s personal data as well.

By Hua Hin Today