The Truman Show



Our  protagonist is a tragic character whose whole life was being shot without any knowledge of his. Imprisoned in a false and artificial world. He has no idea what is happening and do not know how he is being an average enrichment of the director and all television FACTORS (and viewers moreover). He is the only real people into his world. The cameras indifference to the rights of the character, even his dignity or his private life because viewers are greedy and always ask for more and more.

The reason this show was so successful on TV is because it’s a soap opera based on a true story. Viewers were seeing no longer a series, but they were peeking inside the life of another from a safe distance. Most of all, they lived together with the actor  the most esoteric and secret moments of his life, who obviously had the most interest. The aim of the project is to awaken us and to show how the media can affect our lives, guide our behavior, our reactions .A must movie  for those who think differently.

Director: Peter Weir

Actor: Jim Carrey, Laura Linney, Noah Emmerich