THERE’S BEER & THEN THERE’S HANDCRAFTED BEER The Taste of Thailand with Full Moon Beer at the Hilton


In November 2010 a new microbrewery, the Full Moon Brew Work, opened Phuket. The term microbrewery originated in the United Kingdom in the late 1970s to describe the new generation of small breweries which focused on producing traditional cask ale. Although originally “microbrewery” was used in relation to the size of breweries, it gradually came to reflect an alternative attitude and approach to brewing flexibility, adaptability, experimentation and customer service.

The global demand amongst connoisseurs of beer for natural ‘handcrafted’ brews had now reached the shores of Thailand. Although there were already small breweries producing beer from primarily German recipes, this brewery was different and distinguished by the founder’s theme of blending traditional beer brewing techniques with local Thai ingredients.

Hua Hin Today had the opportunity of meeting Brew Master Sukij M Thipatima, or Khun ‘M’, at the Hua Hin Hilton, with the launching of Full Moon Brew Work beer on tap at the Hua Hin Brewing Company.
The man behind Full Moon is a Bangkokian who comes from a trading family who specialised in glassware.

After an education at the University of North Carolina and always fascinated by the idea of making beer Khun ‘M’ then spent four years with Heineken in their marketing department and then with Smirnoff. The next move was to educate himself further in the art of beer-making, including taking a course at the Versuchs- und Lehranstalt für Brauerei (Research and Teaching Institute for Brewing) in Berlin.

This career direction was not always popular with his family, who are all teetotal. ‘M’ is the only drinker in three generations. Even as a teenager he used to sneak out with a friend of his brother to educate himself. “It was a bit tough for me. My parents, my brother, even my grandmother all said, ‘What are you doing?’

As a budding entrepreneur, Khun ‘M’ recognised the lack of home-grown microbreweries in Thailand and took the costly plunge to establish his own. “I wanted my beer to be unique, light and pleasant to drink in this climate. “What differentiates the craft beers from FULL MOON is the blending of locally sourced Thai ingredients with the traditional ingredients of malts and hops that are imported from Australia and Belgium.

By adding local ingredients such as Thai GABA rice, Thai black sticky rice, and the peel of Thai tangerines, distinctive Thai flavours are achieved.” Khun ‘M’ is very serious about the subtlety of taste in his beers. “I want people to try approaching it in a more sophisticated frame of mind, as you would a good wine,” he says.


What’s On Offer?
Full Moon handcrafted beer is now exclusively available on tap at the Hua Hin Brewing Company at the Hilton. Check out the following unique Thai flavours soon!

Hazy yellow colour with white head. Aroma of fruit and wheat. Light body, fruits, lemon, orange, wheat and banana. Nice beer for hot weather.
Almost black colour, small white head. Sweet roasted malty aroma. Light body but nice hints of coffee and roasted malts.
Almost clear golden colour, white head. Light aroma of basic malts. Malty taste with banana, light body but not watery.

Where and When?
THE Hua Hin Brewing Company is located alongside the Hua Hin Hilton with either street or lobby access. Opening hours are everyday 6.00 pm to 2.00 am.

So much more than just a bar, serving the finest cuts of steak and a range of tasty favourites including juicy burgers and barbequed skewers. Enjoy live bands in the evening or relax with a drink as you listen to guest DJs into the night. Catch up on all the latest sporting action on the big screen TV at SOS Tugboat Bar, the open-air beer garden connected to the Hua Hin Brewing Company.