Tips to save money This year!

7 Money Saving Tips

Everyone is making plans for a fresh start for this year, and if one of your goals is to save money, making a few changes here and there can save a little or a lot of money. Remember little things, do add up! Read this list below on suggestions for saving money and pick a few for a prosperous year in 2014.
And more than saving money, you will be a small contributor to make our planet better.
Here is our top 55 tips:

1. Bring lunch to work
2. Reassess your savings accounts
3. Cook more and eat out less often
4. Make a list before grocery shopping (we always end up buying more than we have to)
5. Grocery shop at lower-priced shops such as Makro, and if you have space in the house to stock up! Even better!
6. Buy generic products like batteries, anything for the house…
7. Don’t go to the grocery store when hungry
8. Entertain at home
9. Explore free activities on the weekend
10. Wait on purchases before buying them. Take time to study if it is cheaper somewhere else.
11. Buy generic medicine
12. Skype instead of making long distance calls
13.Turn roaming off and rely on WiFi when traveling or simply in the house, use less 3G as you can.
14. Reassess your Internet and cable provider and see if you can find a cheaper plan
15. Turn off lights that aren’t in use
16. Turn off the air con when you are not in the room
17. Unplug electronics when not in use. If you didn’t know, they are using energy even switched off.
18. Use cold water to wash your clothes
19. Hang-dry your clothing instead of tumbling them in the dryer. You might prefer smooth towels but did you know that having them a bit “scratchy” make a natural scrub for dead skin on your body.
20. Handwash your clothing instead of taking it to the dry cleaner’s when possible
21. Consider investing in a filter and start to drink tap water instead of bottled water. Plastic bottles are not good for your health, because they all contain particles of plastics that we end-up drinking. More than anything avoid the bottles stocked up outside of Seven Eleven and Family Mart, the heat brings out even more particles of plastics in those bottles.
22. Cancel cable and watch your favourite shows online. Everything can be found online now.
23. Workout outdoors, play sports, or go to a friend’s gym instead of paying for a gym membership, or YouTube has millions of videos to follow.
24. Shop at fresh markets
25. Swap clothes, bags, and accessories with friends
26. Renegotiate your cell phone plan, find a new carrier, or cancel some features to save money
27. Use a prepaid phone instead of signing up for a phone plan
28. Make your own coffee at home
29. Do not hesitate to return the purchases you need to return
30. Sell your old things
31. Buy second hands, with research and patience, you might actually find the best deal.
32. Automate payments so you won’t forget and be charged with late fees
33. Recycle your old items instead of throwing them away
34. Book trips early
35. Stock up on holiday decor after the holidays
36. Don’t feel obligated to say yes to every invitation (this includes weddings, dinners, events, etc.)
37. Eat right, exercise and get enough sleep so you won’t have to pay with your health
38. Pay bills online to save on postage
39. Stop smoking
40. Stop drinking soda
41. Compare gas prices to find the most affordable gas station
42. Start to use beauty treatments with homemade recipes.
43. Keep plastic takeout containers for future use
44. Avoid out-of-network ATMs
45. Keep track of your money with a spreadsheet.
46. Plan out your meals for the week
47. Brush and floss every day and take care of your teeth to prevent pricey dental bills.
48. Always comparison shop
49. Check out Airbnb instead of hotels
50. Travel during an off-peak season or time
51. Travel to an underrated place instead of famous tourist spots
52. Use reusable grocery bags
53. Feed your pet the right foods and keep it in shape to reduce vet bills
54. Review your receipts to make sure you’re not being charged for odd items
55. Watch movies on streaming instead of going to the theatre or buying opies.

All these thing are not much but they can make you save a lot. So why not to try a few of them, if not all.