Tourist Campaigns for 2013

Tourist Campaigns for 2013
Tourist Campaigns for 2013

8 major events to promote tourism in Cha-Am have already finalized and planned for 2013, according to the Mayor of Cha-Am Mr. Nukul Pornsomboonsiri. Boasting complete and diverse beautiful tourist attractions, modern infrastructure, well-equipped accommodation apart from ideal location, Cha-Am is an important beachfront city of Thailand because it attracts a lot of visitors–both Thais and foreigners. Only in last year alone, 4.9 million tourists came to stay here, making over 13 billion Baht income to local business and people. Responsible for supporting tourism in Cha-Am, the Cha-Am Municipality already planned 8 major events to take place here in the year to come. They are Cha-Am Countdown 2013, 3rd Pu Chak (Crab Pulling) Festival at Cha-Am, Cha-Am Bikini Beach Run, Songkran Festival, 15th Shell Eating, Bird Watching and Squid Catching, Speedboat Racing in Cha- Am, Commemoration Day of Kromphra Narathip Praphanphong and Loy Krathong Festival, said Mr. Nukul, adding that there will be other festive activities in the city, such as Music on the Beach, Thai Children’s Day, the King’s and the Queen’s Birthday Celebration. Following is detailed information on the 8 major events :

1. Cha-Am Countdown 2013 Venue : Cha-Am Lookout and Cha-Am Municipality Date: 28 December 2012 to 3 January 2013 Activities : alms offering to Buddhist monks, New Year blessing given by senior officers, gift exchange, food selling and countdown for New Year.

2. 3rd Pu Chak (Crab Pulling) Festival at Cha-Am, Venue : Cha-Am Lookout Date : 9-17 February 2013 Activities: selling fresh Blue Swimming Crab, crab pulling show and stage performances.

3. Bikini Beach Run, Venue : Cha-Am beach Date : 17 March 2013, Activity : Marathon running in bikini.

4. Songkran Festival, Venue : Cha-Am Municipality and Cha-Am beach Date: 13 April 2013 Activities : Songkran blessing given by senior officers, alms offered to Buddhist monks, bathing Buddha images, flower parades, local games and stage performances.

5. 15th Shell Eating, Bird Watching and Squid Catching, Venue: Cha-Am beach, Takad Phlee field and Khao Nang Panturat National Park Date: 14-22 September 2013 Activities : stage performances at Cha-Am lookout, fresh seafood selling, bird watching and squid catching.

6. Speedboat Racing in Cha-Am, Venue : Cha-Am lookout Date: 14 September 2012 Activities : speedboat racing by owners of boats in Cha-Am, Hua Hin, Pattaya and Bang Saen.

7. Commemoration Day of Kromphra Narathip Praphanphong, Venue : In front of the Monument of Kromphra Narathip Praphanphong Date: 11 October 2013 Activities : Paying homage to Kromphra Narathip Praphanphong and local performances. 8. Loy Krathong Festival, Venue : Wat Cha-Am and Wat Neranchararam Buddhist Temples Date : 17 November 2013 Activities : floating lotus-shaped Krathongs, local games, stage performances, Thai boxing, outdoor film screening, classical Thai dancing and Thai folk song singing as well as Nang Noppamas beauty pageant only at Wat Neranchararam.