UP, UP BUT NOT AWAY @ The Magic Balloon Park


‘The world’s a nicer place in my beautiful balloon
It wears a nicer face in my beautiful balloon
We can sing a song and sail along the silver sky
For we can fly, we can fly
Up, up and away
My beautiful, my beautiful balloon.’

These are the words from a song recorded in the late 60’s by The 5th Dimension.  At the Magic Balloon Park, Hua Hin’s highest attraction is a beautiful yellow spherical helium-filled balloon with a wicker gondola that carries 5 passengers. Here you can go for a ride in this balloon, however it is tethered by a high tensile steel cable so that you stay in one place (not away!) albeit 100 metres into the sky.

The best time to take this ride with Russian pilot Alexander is reasonably early in the morning when the skies are clearer and the air is likely to be calmer.  If you say 100 metres quickly it may not seem like very high but from that height sensational views of the countryside in every direction open up, including long stretches of the coastline.  Remember that you are already at the highest point of the landscape before you ascend.

The park opened in March 2012 and has already developed into more than a ‘one trick pony’. As a lasting memory of your flight you can use the services of a professional photography and video studio and be provided with a DVD or flash drive to show your friends the scenery and your adventure.  Souvenirs are also on sale.

If the kids need to stay ‘grounded’ then they can enjoy many supervised playground activities and probably not even notice you’re gone.  After the flight enjoy a meal (including breakfast) at the on-site restaurant.

However there is room for more development so if you are looking to establish a small business at the Park that fits in with the current attractions call by and talk to the owners.  Two plots are available.

We spoke to Anna Chudovskaya a very pleasant Ukrainian lady who developed the park with her husband.  This has been no small venture as this sort of operation rightly requires insurances and licencing from Civil Aviation authorities.  We were also told that the initial fill of the balloon with helium added 1.1 million THB to the starting costs.  The balloon has a volume of 1,350 cubic metres and a diameter of 14 metres.  The balloon is made in the USA by the Aero Balloon Company and thoughtfully designed by an engineering team which has decades of experience in the civilian and military airship, aerostat and hot-air balloon fields. The balloon also has internal lighting systems and is an even more beautiful sight after dusk.

Safety is paramount and risks are never taken with unsuitable weather conditions or anything else which could jeopardise the flight.  The tethering cable has a breaking strain in excess of 45 tons. This is compared to the maximum lift exerted by the balloon of just 2 tons. After taking into consideration the weight of all the equipment and the passengers, the balloon is actually only left with an upward pull of approximately 1/2 ton. The stress on the cable is in fact very small.

The balloon is non-polluting, environmentally friendly, quiet and safe. The Park’s perfect safety record is set to continue with no chances being taken!

Special Promotion

Currently a balloon flight taken between 8.30 AM and 10.00 AM will be 300 THB per person.

Nearby Attractions

Why not combine your visit with an elephant experience at the Hutsadin Elephant Foundation right next door.  Ask about ‘Songkran’ one of the many resident elephants with real personality!


The location is 4 kilometres West of Hua Hin.  Take Route 3218 towards the bypass highway and towards Hua Mongkol Temple.  At the top of the hill look for the balloon on the right side of this road.

Contact: info@magicballoon.net
tel. +66 (0) 861 654 696