Veranda Resort And Spa- The Spa is Excellent!




I don’t think that I have ever given a spa review heading such a straight forward name, but it is the only way I can describe this Spa – Excellent! My colleague and I, Khun Nok, headed off to Veranda Resort and Spa to test a few treatments in their Resort Spa. I was pleased to head in the Veranda direction because I love the area where the hotel is located and I do think Veranda Resort and Spa is a mighty beautiful hotel. Not playing to any favoritism here but a fact is a fact.

Khun Sumarin, who was standing in for Khun Bee the Spa Manager (who was unfortunately on leave) checked us into the spa with our on preferences jotted down before the treatments even started. Khun Nok my colleague wanted relaxation and was recommended the Swedish Massage ( THB 2200 ++) to relax her and since I can only describe myself as high strung and stressed at the best, the Veranda Harmony  Massage (THB 2800++) plus a Nourishing facial (THB 1500 ++) was recommended for me..  Apparently the facial is good for mature skin (ahem!) and skin that has sun damage and other damage we shan’t mention here.

The Spa is smaller than I expected but it has attention to detail, something I appreciate in a first class Spa. Really nice entrance door in brass ( they won’t sell it to you, I tried), with a lovely check in area with Jurlique  products and Thann Skin care lines for sale with well-appointed ladies and gents changing rooms with showers and steam room. The treatment rooms are beautiful in muted earth tones with a peaceful and silent atmosphere Nice!

Thann is a well renowned Thai brand so note you can buy it at the spa.

We started our treatment chatting away in the steam room.  As it is a Turkish styled steam room it is warm but not to warm and therefore very nice and relaxing. We did think of locking the door to prolong the process but I was reminded we are grown ups…  Please note that the spa encourages you to use the steam room for at least 15min before the treatment starts to relax you and it is completely complimentary.

Khun Nok had a one hour Swedish massage by therapist Kun Marayat Baujareun. The treatment uses slow strokes and movements to improve your lymphatic circulation. The treatment restores your energy flow and increases blood circulation. Khun Nok said she loved the fact that they used just the right temperature warm oil.  All movements were slow and measured relaxing your body and your mind. I have been told off by a colleague of mine for writing “I snored during treatments” but to me it’s the highest compliment for a treatment, because it means I felt so relaxed I enter deep sleep. Now Khun Nok admitted to me that she too snored during her treatment.  So the snoring rating really does prove to me to be a very good way to indicate a good treatment.

As mentioned I started off with the Veranda Harmony Massage for 60 minutes.  I want to personally mention the two therapists Khun Jeab Supap and Khun Nid Supatra that performed this massage because it will be very hard to live up to, and I have had some really good massages in my life. This is Veranda’s signature treatment and deserves to be.  It is deep full bodies massage treatment by two therapists. I was very impressed by the Veranda Harmony Massage although I have to admit I was incoherent after the first half an hour.  It took out every knot in my back (and I have many) without any pain.

At first I thought the word Harmony referred to the fact that I would reemerge harmonious, but it actually refers to the fact that one therapist movements are exactly echoed by the other (all this without words). Fabulous, excellent and addictive treatment!  These two ladies are real professionals in the way they handled the treatment but also before and during treatment explaining to me each step.  They also always let me know with their hands that they were moving to a different part of a body so I wouldn’t get startled.

After the Veranda Harmony Massage I had the Nourishing facial for skin that’s losing elasticity and is dry and dehydrated.  The treatment rejuvenates and moistures using Jurlique products with frankincense and chamomile essential oils. Plus during your facial you get a facial massage! My skin looked so clean and fresh afterwards but during the treatment I was dead to the world and snored my little head off under my cozy blanket. When I walked out after both treatments I really felt quite tipsy and failed to recognize Khun Sumarin as I walked passed her.  That’s how relaxed I was. I had to stop and have coffee afterwards as I didn’t think it was safe to drive otherwise.

Very good job Veranda Spa!   Snoring points 9 + and excellent eye for detail except for the small plastic container holding ice towels in the steam room, it didn’t jell with the rest of the beautiful objects.  But otherwise everything was more than perfect. Thank you!!

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