Warning about ecstasy hidden in coffee packets

Warning about ecstasy hidden in coffee packets
Warning about ecstasy hidden in coffee packets

According to the Department of Medicine by Dr. Manus Phothaphon, Deputy Director-General, Department of Medical Services Ministry of Public Health (MOPH), ecstasy is currently being smuggled using powdered ecstasy packaged in a variety of product forms such as creamer and 3in1 coffee sachets, the product is being sold and marketed to youths via social media.

Ecstasy and the ‘Happy Pill’ are the same narcotic substance, it has a short-term stimulant effect on the nervous system, followed by severe hallucinations, and can cause serotonin secreting brain cells to fail, (serotonin is a key chemical in mood regulation). When this ecstasy substance is consumed, the body secretes more serotonin than usual, making the user feel refreshed and in a good mood, but as the substance wears off, the user can enter into a depressed mood causing depression that may develop into a type of psychosis and lead to higher suicidal tendencies.

Smuggling the ecstasy drug in the form of powder packaged into diverse products can make detection more difficult, and parents are advised to stay informed about current events and to monitor their children’s behaviour.

Parents are encouraged to talk to their children rationally and explain the repercussions and harms of using the drug, avoid using violence, and take their children to the doctor for treatment. The drug hotline, tel. 1165, can provide you with information on drugs and substance addiction.