Wat Neran – Cha Am to hold biggest Loy Krathong ever

Wat Neran – Cha Am to hold biggest Loy Krathong ever
Wat Neran – Cha Am to hold biggest Loy Krathong ever


Wat Neranchararam Buddhist Temple, known locally as Wat Neran, will organize the biggest Loy Krathong festival ever in Cha-Am, aiming to foster Thai culture with traditional Thai games as a highlight. The Loy Krathong will fall on 28 November this year.

Many places in Thailand, including Cha-Am, are now preparing for this festive event. The Cha-Am Municipality has already proposed that this year’s festival would take place from 27 to 28 November 2012 at 2 major Buddhist temples of the city: Wat Neranchararam and Wat Cha-Am Khiri. Located north of Cha-Am Beach, Wat Neran will hold the Loy Krathong festival with a beauty pageant of Nang Noppamas — the lady who first initiated a lotus-shaped Krathong to float in a river –, a contest of beautiful Krathong made from biodegradable materials, vintage Thai dancing, outdoor cinemas and music performances by local students. There will also be selling of many products and Krathongs made by natural materials which visitors can float in the temple’s pond or in the sea by the temple.

Apart from floating Krathongs, visitors can pay respect to a big Buddha image and a statue of Luang Pho Sa-nguan Chakharo, the former abbot of Wat Neran. Local people believe that those who pay respect to both of them will enjoy infinite good luck.In terms of Wat Cha-Am Khiri, the Loy Krathong will take place by the adjacent canal. On 27 November at 10 a.m., a Buddhist ceremony will be held to pay respect to the statues of Luang Pho Wek and Luang Pho Lam, both of whom were former abbots of the temple. In the evening, there will be a lot of stage performances and vintage Thai dancing. On 28 November in the afternoon, a traditional Thai sport activity will be organized to enhance unity of local communities.

In the evening, apart from Loy Krathong activities, there will be a lot of festive activities like vintage Thai dancing in which anyone can join outdoor movies and Thai music performances. With a major aim to foster traditional Thai culture, both the venues will make use of Thai activities, especially vintage Thai dancing to entertain all visitors. The Loy Krathong festival at Wat Neranchararam and Wat Cha-Am Khiri is looking forward to welcoming both local people of Cha-Am and tourists.