The Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA) has now introduced a new system that allows customers to pay their water bills at different service counters nationwide, provided that the invoice is within the specific period of payment and that there are no outstanding balance.

If you haven’t received any water bill invoice, you can just provide your name and address, or the number of the water user to the clerk of any service counter. This service will provide superb convenience to customers when paying their water bills before its due date and will save the trip (and time) of going to the PWA just to end up in a long queue.

This will also minimise the chance of your water being cut off or even the water meter being removed when payments are delayed or long overdue. The service is applicable to 74 provinces nationwide, apart from Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan. Currently, the PWA has the existing methods of payment through agents such as 7-Eleven Service Counter, Pay @Post in post office, Just Pay at TOT office, mPAYSTATON at AIS center, Telewiz shop, Tesco Lotus, Big C, True Money Wallet Apps, M-Pay, AirPay, Easy Bill and through ATM machines and bank counters.

There are 14 commercial banks nationwide that are now providing the service. In addition, the PWA has integrated the Apple wallet and My Wallet Apps together with the Electronic Water Supply Notification System (PWA Digital Bill), which makes paying your water bills through your smartphone.

You can also check the previous water bill statements and payments through smartphones as well, or just by showing the scanned barcode to the clerk at the desk counter. This convenient online service will definitely make your life easier plus the benefit of receiving online news and updates from the PWA through the 4.0 Digital technologies.

To register, log in to http://pwa. mywallet.co with the water user number and department code specified on your water bill or simply contact the PWA Call Center at 1662 or log in to www.pwa.co.th

By Hua Hin Today