Wear Sweatpants Out of the gym?!


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Who said that sweatpants are only for the gym?!

It’s time to redefine any and every idea of sweatpants. No longer sloppy, workout wear has taken a significant turn for the better.

This year, sweatpants and joggers are not the type of trouser that you will wear to the gym or to lounge in: they are officially acceptable to wear out!

Most of the high street brands are having them in their collections and they are getting more refined (using bold colours, fine fabrics and slimmer, more tailored cuts).

Stylish enough for both work and workout, they are the perfect pieces which combine the two functions.

However, if you are looking for something to wear for work, your best way is to invest in a monochrome/neutral colour palette.

On the top: A smart/elegant blouse, for a professional look.

A structured fitted top, a fluid cropped blouse or a crop top for a girls night out drinking – nothing too long or too baggy,  you don’t wanna look like you just got out of bed.

On the bottom (shoes): Pairing them with heels, sandals, stilettos or platforms guarantees that no one will think you’re on the way to the pharmacy for cold medicine.
Stick with the shades of grey or the usual black, anything too bright will look too party-ish.
No saggy butts. They should fit like regular pants, tight around your derriere.
The best part about this item is double use; it makes no matter if it’s worn from day to night.
From casual elegance to all over comfy, just make sure to never lose your confidence!.