Webster University Graduation Day 2014 Recognising International Achievers

Webster University Graduation Day 2014 Recognising International Achievers
Webster University Graduation Day 2014 Recognising International Achievers

It’s easy to see why Webster University Thailand is eager to promote itself as a truly international university. At the 2013/2014 Graduation Day, graduates from eighteen different countries were amongst the 67 students receiving their Bachelor Degree and Masters diplomas.

To add to the international flavour, participants entered the Hilton Hua Hin Ballroom to the refrain of ‘Land of Hope and Glory’, an English patriotic song, before standing to the Thai and USA National anthems. Rector Ratish Thakur welcomed participants including the Webster academic staff and the families and friends of graduates. The transformation from freshman to graduates was now complete with the fulfillment of both Thai and USA educational requisites.

The Guest of Honour, Mr Nopporn Supipat, described his own personal journey from being a youthful speculator on the stock market and innovator in the energy sector, then experiencing financial disaster brought on by world monetary collapse. Mr Supipat is now enjoying success once again as the founder and Chairman of Wind Energy Holdings, the largest operators of wind powered energy plants (wind farms) in South East Asia.

His message was that success depends on knowing yourself, finding out your passions in life and using all your personal energy without compromise. His personal admission was that, contrary to his introduction by Rector Thakur, he did not complete his tertiary education at Miami University. He failed to complete one unit in Political Science, a subject he could not enjoy. No real regrets, but not completing something started goes against his personal ethic.

After the formal presentation of the diplomas and conferral of degrees, the student representative spoke about the uncertainty of the future for graduates facing the world outside academic life with encouragement in moving forward. These sentiments were made by Mariel Anne Layosa Pandaan, an International Relations Double Major from the Philippines. Prior to the Graduation Dinner, everyone joined together in congratulating the graduates with many very proud family members taking photos which are sure to grace households around the world. A very memorable day for those recognising the endeavors of these tertiary achievers.