WHO commends Thailand on treatment of COVID-19 patients


BANGKOK (NNT) – The Deputy Minister of Public Health has accompanied a team from the World Health Organization (WHO) in viewing treatment of COVID-19 patients at the Princess Mother National Institute on Drug Abuse Treatment, garnering commendation of Thai physicians.

Deputy Minister of Public Health Sathit Pitutecha, led Director of the WHO Thailand Emergency Public Health and Drug Resistant Viruses Project Dr. Richard Brown, to view and draw lessons from the Princess Mother National Institute on Drug Abuse Treatment’s handling of COVID-19 patients in Lamlukka district of Pathumthani province.

Sathit explained that the institute established a cohort ward for the care of COVID-19 patients on April 10, supplying 34 beds for Yellow level patients in need of respiratory assistance. On April 22, it created an Extended Ward to make another 200 beds available and began accepting patients from the 1668, 1669 and 1330 hotlines of the Department of Medicine, receiving a total 229 patients. So far, the facility has treated 472 people with 226 still receiving care. Individuals deemed Red level patients, in critical condition, are forwarded to hospitals such as Rajvithi Hospital and Chulalongkorn Hospital.

Dr. Brown commended the work of the Ministry of Public Health and Thai physicians on their emergency response and care for patients, remarking that the WHO views Thailand’s emergency health services as world-class.