Why Help People in Need?


I have been thinking for a long time about doing things I never do; things that I hope may be helpful to other people. After meeting a guy with an idea about travelling on a bike throughout the country and giving used shoes to students at local schools in remote areas, I decided to launch this project.

Early in the morning of 4th April 2013, I asked my nephew if he had any shoes that he did not want to wear so that I could give them to poor children. He then gave me a pair of shoes and I thought perhaps a poor child may be very happy if they have them.

The next day I thought about finding a school where I could give them to a student. I just thought that if I went there and donated used shoes, I would travel on a motorcycle with shoes tied at the backseat (Back then I assumed I would not get too many shoes but I wanted to try.). I chose Kanchanaburi, a Province I could visit in the morning and come home in the afternoon. Then I looked for a remote school on a map of the Province. It was located almost at the Thai border in a forest and behind a hill. Its name is Wichit Witthayakarn, a Border Patrol Police School.

On 6th April 2013 someone asked me what this school normally lacks and whether I had talked to the headmaster or not.  It suddenly came to mind that I had not asked the students about what they needed the most. The only thing I was thinking about was donating used shoes to them. I tried to contact the school’s headmaster directly. His name is Mr. Luechai. He told me that the school was located in an area where raining was frequent almost throughout the year and many students did not have any raincoats and boots. I then asked Mr. Luechai whether the school accepted used shoes or not. The headmaster did not say no, although he said the students did not use shoes very often as they were easily wet and caused the students’ feet to smell bad.

After I talked to the headmaster, I decided to make an advertising board to get donations. No matter how much the donation is, I will keep trying as I really understand how hard it is to walk in the rain to school. Even riding a motorcycle to school is difficult. How much more difficult must it be for those students who have to walk some kilometres in the rain to school?

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