Winter is coming: Thailand set to officially enter cold season

An artist impression of snow in Bangkok via:

While a downfall of snow might be a bit of a stretch, Thailand is expected to officially enter its cold season later this month.

According to the Thai Meteorological Department, Thailand will officially enter its winter or ‘cold’ season by the end of October.

The arrival of winter is approximately one or two weeks later than normal. However, this year’s cold season will see colder spells linger a little longer than in previous years.

Typically, cold spells occur in three to five day periods. But this year, people should be prepared for cold spells to last between five to seven days, the Meteorological Department said.

Between December and January, temperatures in the Thai capital and central regions are expected to fall to 21oC-23oC while in mountainous areas and northern Thailand, temperatures cold fall to as low as low as 5oC-6oC.

It was also announced that from next week, temperatures will fall to below 23oC as further storms and strong winds are forecast nationwide.