Wora Bura Spa

Wora Bura Spa
Wora Bura Spa


First impressions can defy what lies beyond….. Wora Bura Resort and Spa is exactly that, an unpretentious entrance that defies the beauty of a bygone era reflecting the atmosphere of 19th Century Thailand.

This unique Resort is a delicate balance and blend the both Thai and European colonial style architecture of the past. From the moment you enter the Lobby it becomes apparent that all the charms of the past have been captured with its delicate attention to detail. The Lobby was designed as a Museum to encapsulate the important influence of King Rama V both in what he did for Thailand and how he established a long relationship between western nations and his own. Wora Bura Resort and Spa is beachfront property opening onto the Gulf of Siam.

This boutique resort captures all things Thai, from the 77 luxurious rooms, suites and villas, reflecting the 77 provinces of Thailand, décor that intertwines east and west, sculptured gardens including a maze, cultural activities held in the courtyard and Thai cooking classes. There is also a range of other recreational activities including a gym, water sports, golfing arrangements and a luxurious Spa.

All the rooms are beautifully appointed and capture every intended aspect of the era. You are taken back to a time when rushing was not a normal state, where leisurely days meant true relaxation and the simplicity of sunset cocktails followed by dinner, the most elegantly part of the day. Whether you are a guest at the Resort or a visitor to Hua Hin, a session at the Wora Bura Spa will leave you feeling thoroughly refreshed and revitalised. The Wora Spa menu is extensive; the therapists are all highly trained and the treatments are special too.

In addition to the interesting menu selection, there are also several special pampering packages, particularly the Top-to-Toe, which is a treat for the senses, truly fit for a King or Queen. On arrival at the Spa your wellness host guides you through the menu to ensure your individual needs and requirements are met, whether you choose to pamper yourself with a beauty treatment, massage, body scrub using the finest natural ingredients, or you just want to relax in a heated whirlpool or Jacuzzi as you gaze into a tranquil lagoon view.

If you are having an extended stay in Hua Hin I would recommend purchasing an Exclusive Spa Membership be it Silver, Gold or Premium, or maybe indulge in The Wora Spa Experience packages of either 3, 5 or 7 days. The Spa treatments, which have been inspired by western remedies combined with traditional Thai herbs, have developed into the therapeutic treatments for guests seeking the path to wellness. These fusion treatments, to restore the natural balance of the body, are offered in one of the 5 treatments rooms.

There are separate relaxing areas for women and men, each of which has sauna, a steam room and a heated whirlpool. The Spa radiates a tranquillity and serenity of life in another era, but is blended seamlessly with all the modern requirements of a world-class facility. All body products used are unique to the Wora Spa and are also available for purchase.

Dining at one of the three on-site venues will certainly compliment your Spa experience. You can choose from the Rak Talay Beach Restaurant, The Chulamongkut Restaurant serving international cuisine or perhaps have a light meal in the Museum Lobby. Together with the management of Wora Bura Resort, I am confident that you will find the experience at The Wora Spa a memorable one. For more information go to www.worabura.com or call the Resort on Tel: 3253 6999