45-Day Tourist Visa likely to be considered

Photo: Los Angeles Times

The current 30-day ‘visa on arrival’ in Thailand could likely be extended to 45 days to attract more foreign visitors into the country. The additional 15 days will obviously cover up the 2-week quarantine spent in ASQ facilities/hotels, thus giving tourists a full 30-day holiday.

NSC Secretary-general Nathapol Nakpanit, who also leading a ‘business easing committee’ says the committee members will discuss the proposal with the government as soon as possible. The 45-day tourist visa will automatically be applicable for visitors from 56 selected countries who are already entitled for the 30-day visa.

Currently, the only available visa option for visitors is the 60-day Tourist Visa and the long-term Special Tourist Visa.

In any case, check the latest update with your local Thai embassy before making a trip to Thailand, as new rules are constantly being applied.

Source: The Thaiger