Phuket appealed to allow tourists in by November


Business owners in Phuket are proposing an urgent turn around for its tourism industry by allowing entry for long-stay tourists to visit the resort island as early as November.

According to the “4T” policy suggested at the provincial disease control committee’s meeting, visitors who are staying long term were classified as having the perfect potential to be welcomed.

The 4T policy, stands for Target, Testing, Tracing and Treatment is designed to balance public’s health along with economic recovery, says the president of Phuket Tourist Association (PTA).

“We should start with a small group of long-stay tourists. Chartered flights will be the answer and we can begin on November 1.” the PTA president added.

The targetting groups of visitors are obliged to take a Covid-19 test to ensure they are virus-free before departure. Once they arrive in Phuket, they’ll be tracked to mitigate the risk of transmission while authorities work to ensure public health, preparedness and response.

The president of the Kata Thani Hotel says hotel operators welcomed the proposal, wherein visitors will be required to stay at their accommodation for 5 to 14 days before they are allowed to move about freely. Community health volunteers should strictly implement the observance of quarantine process in order to gain confidence from the locals in disease control measures.

“We should not let the opportunity go to waste.”

Since 83.5% of Phuket’s economy depends on its local tourism, it was also one of the provinces that was devastated by the pandemic.

The president of the Phuket Chamber of Commerce (PCC) says majority of the locals agreed with the proposal of the reopening of the island, but there were also grave concern about a new surge of the virus.

“We can take it step by step and make Phuket the model,” PCC president added.

Original writer: Jack Burton
Sources: The Thaiger | Bangkok Post