‘Vaccine Passport’ – the passport that might save Thai’s tourism industry

(Image: Shutterstock / Cryptographer)

If or when international travel comes back to life, tourists would most likely have to bring along with them another passport that has been recently recognised globally – the new ‘vaccine passport’.

The passport will certify that an individual has been administered with the compulsory vaccines allowing them to travel to their desired destinations freely without the aggravating quarantine protocols.

In a country where tourism is the chief driver of its economy, such as Thailand, the introduction of vaccine passports would boost the tourism industry tagging along public and private sectors that relies hugely on it.

As many countries have suffered severely from the downfall of their economy due to the pandemic, this might just be the ‘last resort’ that will salvage the current situation.

With the campaign “Welcome back to Thailand Again”, the TAT is set to retrieve its status quo in travelling. According to a report by TTG Asia, Tourism Council President Chamnan Srisawat said that Thailand will campaign for other ASEAN countries to adopt the same system in welcoming tourists with vaccine passports for a definitive convenience in modern travelling.

However, with the rich countries currently hoarding the export of vaccines, it might just mean there’s a less chance for tourists from poorer countries to begin travelling.

Source: Thai Visa