Whale Watching at Ban Laem, Petchaburi


Whale watching is an exciting activity for Thai and foreigner tourists although not many people know that whales live in Thai gulf and we can see them just off the coast.

Fishermen often see them in the Petchaburi and Prachuab Kirikhan waters and changing their activities from conducting whale watching tours can provide a very useful income boosting activity.

Bryde’s whales (sometimes referred to as ‘Bruda Whales) can grow to 15m in length. Their body colour is grey black. They can often be seen searching for food in a part of the Gulf of Thailand between Tambon Bang Taboon, Samut Songkhram and Phak Bia Cape in Ban Laem and Chao Samran beach in Petchaburi.

When and where to spot such animals is hard to predict, but they are mostly found at high tide when sea breeze is not so strong.

Sometimes, a herd of up to 10 whales can be spotted when they try to eat anchovies and are followed by seagulls, which come down to the water and wait to eat fleeing fish.

During this season, several fishing boats in Muang and Ban Laem districts of Petchaburi operate whale-watching tours and provide life vests for all passengers.

During the months of October to December you can book a whale watching tour at Ban Laem Petchaburi.  Ban Laem is 52 kilometres north of Cha-Am

The outward trip takes about 1 hour to travel.  On arrival at the destination, there is plenty of time for photography before the 1 hour return trip.

The cost includes drinks, food, travel and all services for 2,000 THB per person.

Morning departure time: 8.00-8.30                                                                              Afternoon time departure time:  12.30-13.00

Safety is assured with staff to take care of you and with life jackets, first aid equipment and clean bathrooms.

🐳 See the whales for sure!

Before traveling, the team has a whale detection system and is prepared before departure; but if whales are not found you can go again free.

🐳If the weather is not favourable?

There will be a full refund as customer safety is paramount.                                              For more information or to reserve a trip: 0822877995, 0990856942, 0658848999

Line @brydephetchaburi                                                                                                See more information including the departure point at: www.facebook.com/brydephetchaburi