The incomparable Koh Mak island

Koh Mak island - the true, genuine, well-kept nature’s beauty. (Photo: Rakchat Sodaban)

Many people travel long distance to Koh Mak island in Trat Province just to experience the true, genuine, well-kept nature’s beauty. Tourists want to spend their time as long as possible on the island to harvest that moment of happiness and satisfaction.

(Photo: Rakchat Sodaban | The Passport)

The most unique and outstanding rule of the island, in which the locals have long time been adapting is the sustainable tourism while maintaining the beauty of the island.

(Photos: Rakchat Sodaban | The Passport)

Koh Mak island is considered as one of the most well-preserved places in the world. The island is relatively a new destination and is still unknown for most travellers. It is about 40 kilometres away from the Trat mainland which is why it is kept so well-preserved, far from the people.