The unforgettable trip to Koh Singto – By Leon Knox


Recently a couple of my friends and I climbed Khao Lom Muak in Prachuap Khiri Khan,  the small mountain that I wrote  about in the last Hua Hin Today. I had thought that it was impossible for me to scale that magnificent seaside peak to the top as the last time I went trekking was during my high school days.

But I decided to make the effort, partly not to be embarrassed by my friends. With perseverance and adrenalin rushing through my veins, step by step I was able to reach the summit by midday. We all made it to the top after a glorious 280-metre climb.

On the summit, nothing could describe my feelings as I looked around the breathtaking views of the Gulf of Thailand on one side and thick green mountains on the other. It was well worth our climb. Then the following day, my adventurous friends and I still got the itch to continue our adventure. Not on a mountain this time but to an island by the sea.

“Let’s go fishing,” one of my friends suggested, “on a boating trip to an island.” Without hesitation, we packed all our gear for a trip to one of the most-visited islands in Prachuap province: Koh Singto, or Lion Island. And so our adventure continued.

Obviously, the island’s name is from its shape of a lion crouching on the sea horizon as you look at it to seaward from the popular Suan Son Pradipat (Sea Pine) beach, some 800 metres south from Hua Hin beach on the south side of Khao Takiab temple peak. Koh Singto is well-kept, amazingly beautiful and rich in marine life. Thai and foreign visitors frequent this island for snorkelling and fishing.

Leon Knox (right) with his friend Phil.

To visit the island, you can buy a day-trip tour or even charter a long-tail boat from the local fishermen at Khao Takiab and Hua Hin villages for 2,500 baht for five people and 3,500 baht for 6-10 passengers. We took the evening trip so we can witness the golden sunset as well, which was an awesome view straight out of paintings.

The boaters provide two evening trips: from 5am-10pm and even an overnight fishing trip from 11 pm to 4am the next day. It’s only a 40-minute boat ride from the shore to the island and, believe me, it’s very safe.

On a day-trip you can see close-up the beauty of Mother Nature in the rich marine life of coral reefs, urchins and colourful fish. The on-board boat service includes free fruits, soft drinks, ice and drinking water.  You can also bring your own food and beverages. Life jackets are available and also personal accident insurance.

While fishing, try also to catch squid! Prepare them as fresh sashimi or sushi right on the boat and don’t forget to bring the wasabi dip. On an evening tour, the boats are equipped with green fluorescent light for night-time fishing and squid catching. Your local guide will gladly assist and advise throughout the trip.

While fishing, we saw plenty of red snappers, groupers, squid and other small fishes. We brought our seafood catch back to Takiab Beach and grilled them right there, as fresh as can be, for our dinner that same evening!

What an awesome trip it was! My friends and I really had a great time on the miniature paradise island. I’m sure nature lovers will definitely enjoy the experience when visiting Lion Island. Ideal period to visit the island is from June to October where there is plenty of squid to catch and the sea is clear – perfect for snorkelling.

Strolling along the two kilometres of white sand of Khao Tao Beach is most pleasant also, and swimming is good there. Khao Tao (Turtle mountain) is a small beachside mountain where you can also hike to the top and catch a view of the beautiful coastline to the north and south. My friends and I had the best times of our lives during our three-day tour at Khao Tao.

We would definitely come back to this unforgettable place for me. I can highly recommend these boaters to take you to Koh Singto. Their phone numbers are: 086-762-0181, 081 705-9358, 032 536 079.