Weekend escape to Chumphon

Weekend escape to Chumphon
Weekend escape to Chumphon

Whilst Bangkokian’s weekend destination escape is Hua Hin, where do people living in Hua Hin escape to over the weekend? Look no further, Chumphon is an excellent weekend hideaway!

Located 270km away from Hua Hin, Chumphon city is the capital of Chumphon province, the gateway to Thailand’s southern provinces as well as the islands in the Gulf of Thailand, particularly Koh Tao. With more than 200 kilometers of coastline featuring numerous unspoiled beaches, Chumphon is an ideal destination for those who are seeking relaxation in a natural and quiet atmosphere and wish to enjoy such activities as sunbathing, swimming, yachting, paragliding, diving, and snorkeling. Hat Sai Ree is one of the popular beaches in Chumphon with white sand and clear water. It is also the location of Prince Chumphon Shrine Memorial.

He was the son of the beloved and venerated, King Chulalongkorn Rama V, who established the modern Thai navy and is respected by all naval personnel, fishermen, and others in the marine industry.

Amongst the other interesting attraction are the Soldier Youth World War II Monument built to honor the young children who died in World War II; Mu Koh Chumphon National Park where you can walk on the mangrove forest nature trail and islands; Por Waterfall a small waterfall with water flowing all year round and surrounded by beautiful shady trees; Koh Phitak, where you can enjoy a homestay experience within a fisherman community and other activities on the island. Visitors can also go white-water rafting in Amphoe Phato, riding on a raft seeing beautiful views of Lang Suan River, trek around Phato Water Source Arrangement Unit, or snorkeling and diving.

During September – October, visitors can see thousands of eagles migrating from Siberia to Chumphon. And whilst you are visiting Chumphon, for those who are culinary seekers, don’t miss sampling the local delicacies, the famous Kanom Djin (rice noodles) with spicy curry in southern style, the fresh seafood, the lady-finger bananas, the Sawi pineapples and baegu leaves fried with eggs or boiled with a curry soup.

There are also numerous places to stay and one in particular, a little gem so special, so unspoiled, so down to earth, you don’t really want to share it with the rest of the world. Some resorts are so well-hidden that only the locals know of its existence, Qealously keeping the location secret. The Nest Private Beach is one of these hidden gems. Located on Hat Sai Ree (Sai Ree beach) in Chumphon, the locale lies directly on a secluded beach facing Koh Maphrao and other scattered little neighbor islands.

Languishing in solitude and surrounded by jungle, it’s an ideal location to retreat from the rest of the world and reenergize or reconnect with your loved ones after months of hard work and stress. Think charming small bungalows with thatch roofs right on the beach, spread around a nice manicured garden, the sound of waves, birds singing, peace and quiet, nothing else but serenity at its best!

The Nest is tailored for early risers and early sleepers, families or couples and guests travelling with pets, looking for simplicity and a back to basic experience, Qust you, mother nature and loads of free time walking the beach, swimming, playing with your children in the pool or simply laying on a hammock shadowed by coconut trees, catching up on all the books you bought but never read, sipping on a fresh juice or a crisp and fresh glass of Chardonnay, “La Far Niente” at its peak! From their cottage’s, guests may spot the wildlife, monkeys, various bird species, butterflies just to mention a few.

The resort’s resident, Maxime, is on hand to ensure each guest is having a good time and suggests daily activities such as hiking, birdwatching kayaking, paddling, boating trips organized from the resort. Maxime’s marketing mantra is ‘less is more’, keep it private and basic, which in turn keeps the value for money terrific “at least for me”.

At night, guests can gather around the restaurant bar to taste some of the bartender’s latest concoctions and engage in discussions with other guests staying at the resort, before going for dinner to sample some of the freshest catch of the day or local specialties.

“There are no strangers here, just friends who haven’t met yet¹ says Maxime. The natural atmosphere of the location mixed with the friendliness of the staff and yummy local culinary delights. Small but ample, simple but stylish, The Nest Private Beach Chumphon is one of the few hotels in which I could linger indefinitely.

For more info: https://www.thenestchumphon.com/