Cold weather in Central, South and Northern Thailand

Photo: Waranont

Temperatures are declining throughout the Northeast, North, and Central regions. The Thailand Meteorological Department says the cold weather is due to the high-pressure system from China embracing the upper part of Thailand.

Bangkok today reports a temperature drop with a low of 16-18 degrees Celsius. While the Central region is expected to have cold weather with heavy winds a low variable from 14-17 degrees, and a high from 27-28 degrees.

The weather is expected to be hotter with temperatures rising up to 1-3 degrees.

The TMD also describes a strong northeast monsoon in the Gulf of Thailand and in the southern region.

Another high-pressure system from China covers upper Vietnam and Laos, and it is forecast to cover upper Thailand from 11-13 January 2021 with cool to cold weather.

Citizens along the eastern coastline should beware of inshore wind and waves up to 4 meters high.

All vessels should proceed with caution, and small boats keep ashore until tomorrow.

Source: TMD| TheThaiger