A man paddles from California to Hawaii on his paddle-board; he saw ‘plastics’ all the way

Antonio de la Rosa paddled from Hawaii to SF, saw plastics in the Pacific all through his journey

A three-month paddleboat float across the Pacific Ocean might seem crazy to the rest of us, but for Antonio de la Rosa it was just another challenge.

The Spanish endurance athlete completed a 2,951-mile journey from San Francisco, California, to Oahu, Hawaii, on Saturday, using just a specially-designed stand-up paddleboard.

The journey took him 76 days — and he had company on every one: Plastic.

“I am feeling so good after 76 days in the middle of the ocean,” de la Rosa told CNN. He added that he hoped the trip would bring attention to the problem of plastic pollution in the ocean.

He said he saw plastic nets and other debris float past him every day.

He had set off from San Francisco on June 9 and posted daily updates on his Facebook page.

To watch video:  https://edition.cnn.com/2019/08/26/us/pacific-paddleboard-trnd/index.html

By: David Williams, CNN