Boris Johnson is trapped in a Brexit prison he helped build

Boris Johnson never imagined it would be this hard

Boris Johnson never imagined it would be this hard.

Before he secured the job he’d craved for his whole life, the man once seen as the Midas of British politics thought he would burst into Downing Street on a wave of sunny optimism, flip over the table and watch as all the cards landed just where he wanted them.

Instead, the table crashed down on his head. Barely seven weeks into the job, Johnson has already alienated many of the people he needs onside if he is to achieve his principal goal of getting Brexit done by October 31.

He has picked fights with his own party, set negotiating red lines that are unpalatable to the European Union, made promises to hardline Brexiteers that left him with little wriggle room, and threatened to leave the EU without a deal despite the strong objections of Parliament.

His scattergun approach left everyone baffled as to what he actually wants.

Most perplexing of all, he even sacked 21 of his own Conservative lawmakers who rebelled against his plans. That Johnson and several members of his own Cabinet took every opportunity to publicly humiliate his predecessor Theresa May has not been lost on his enemies.

Johnson is now trapped in a Brexit prison of his own construction. It’s been an extraordinary performance from a man who must have known the scale of the challenge awaiting him…

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Analysis by Luke McGee, CNN