Britain and Canada to sanction Myanmar military generals

(Photo: Reuters)

The British Foreign Ministry said it would boycott the three generals in the form of freeing up British properties in Myanmar as well as prohibiting them to travel to England. The three generals include Defense Minister General Myatun Oo, Secretary of the Interior General Sotut and Deputy Interior Minister General Tan Hlaay.

The British will also review a sanction to prevent Britons from engaging businesses with the Myanmar military government.

The British Foreign Minister condemns the detention of Aung San Suu Kyi and other senior political leaders during the coup staged by the military on February 1.

The Canadian Foreign Minister also announced sanctions on nine Myanmar military personnel to send a clear message that Canada would not recognize the Myanmar military’s actions.

However, Burma Campaign UK activists says British sanctions are limited to leisure travel only. The three generals would have no British assets to freeze and that the boycott of the generals was a just symbolic act.  It would be more effective if the British could put sanctions on the military businesses.

At the same time, it was reported that Singapore-based company TRD Consulting, which sold its unmanned aerial vehicle (anti-aircraft drone) detection system to the Myanmar police.

Reports said that British have no plan in supplying additional products to Myanmar and would also cancel the product sales agreement to Yangon International Airport.

Original writer: Suda Mangmee