Britain warns of new lockdowns amid variant Covid-19 surge

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Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned Sunday of new lockdowns to be issued across the country as cases of the Covid-19 surge, particularly with a new variant spreading.

Britain has been seeing upwards of 50,000 new cases daily as health experts note that the variant is up to 70% more contagious.

“We are entirely reconciled to do what it takes to get the virus under control that may involve tougher measures in the weeks ahead,” Johnson told the BBC.

Worldwide tighter lockdowns
The Philippines said it would prohibit the entry of foreign travelers from the U.S. until at least January 15 after the new Covid-19 variant was detected.

Residents of Manila can only step out for essentials. (Photo: European Photopress Agency)

In Bangkok, Thai officials shuttered the city’s nightlife with a ban on bar, nightclub and restaurant alcohol sales, among a raft of restrictions aimed at curbing the kingdom’s rising toll. Elsewhere, Tokyo’s governor on Saturday asked Japan’s government to declare a new state of emergency as the country battles a third wave of infections, with record numbers of new cases.

A row of seafood stalls at a market in Samut Sakhon (outside Bangkok) were closed following the lockdown implemented by city officials. (Photo: Pattaya Mail)

France, which recently lengthened an overnight curfew by two hours in parts of the country, has the highest case count in western Europe with more than 2.7 million, according to Johns Hopkins.

Spanish police broke up a gathering Saturday near Barcelona, where 300 people had been partying for more than 40 hours.

Ireland on Saturday reported 3,394 cases of the outbreak nearly doubling its record for a single day. Irish officials Friday said they had underreported Covid-19 cases in recent days by more than 9,000, as its reporting system came under strain.

Norway, with one of the lowest infection rates in Europe, Saturday began requiring Covid-19 tests upon arrival into the country, after finding five cases of the British variant. Denmark discovered 86 cases of that new, more contagious strain.

The Covid-19 has killed more than 1.8 million people globally since emerging in China in December 2019, according to Johns Hopkins.

Health experts fear the worst is yet to come, predicting a sharp rise in cases and deaths after weeks of holiday gatherings.

By: Voice of America
Source: Thailand Herald