Clouds from Australian bushfire now reached the western hemisphere


Clouds of smoke caused by furious bushfires were sighted in Chile and Argentina, 12,000 km away from Australia on Monday.

Patricio Urra, Chile Meteorology chief, said that the sun was seen through as red tones, caused by the clouds of smoke that comes from the fires.”

The cloud rose to 6,000 metres above sea level and there is no meteorological reason for it to fall back to earth, said Urra. Regardless, it does not pose any danger to Chili.

The Argentine Meteorological Service published satellite images of the cloud’s movement that was caused by the direction of the wind from west to east.”

The catastrophic bushfire have destroyed Australia’s vast land area about the size of Ireland, official says. It has also claimed the lives of 25 people. Australian authorities warned that the blaze could last for weeks or even months.

WRITER: Larry Cadiz, Hua Hin Today
Source: AFP
Photo: Argentine Meteorological Service