Europe shuts doors to UK

The announcement on Sunday means no trucks or ferry passengers will be allowed to sail from Dover port in Marine Parade, UK. (Photo: PA Media).

PM Boris Johnson will chair a government’s emergency meeting later after France first closed its border with the UK for 48 hours.

The motion, after being announced on Sunday includes trucks or ferry passengers will not be able to travel from the port of Dover.

France said the action was necessary following the frequent incidents of a new variation of Covid in the UK.

Nations including Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Irish Republic, Canada and Turkey are suspending all UK flights.

Switzerland also suspended UK flights, and Hong Kong will follow starting midnight.

Austria is also set to bring in a ban, while Bulgaria has suspended flights to and from the UK starting midnight. Unlike the short-term measures in many other nations, the current ban will last until 31 Jan.

Member states of the EU are set to meet in Brussels to discuss an immediate response to the restrictions.

Source: BBC News