Eurovision Song Contest Ukraine 2017

Eurovision Song Contest Ukraine 2017
Eurovision Song Contest Ukraine 2017

The 2017 Eurovision Song Contest took place in Ukraine’s capital city, Kiev, which previously hosted the competition
in 2005. The International Exhibition Centre, the venue for the contest, was filled to a capacity 11,000 spectators.

Portugal’s Salvador Sobral won the Eurovision Song Contest, the wildly popular annual competition that pits singers from nations in the European Broadcasting Union. The winning song, “Amar Pelos Dois” (“For The Both Of Us”) was written by Sobral’s sister, Luisa. Salvador Sobral from Portugal performs the song “Amar pelos dois” with his sister Luisa after winning. Sobral’s win delighted fans gathered in the Ukrainian capital for the grand final, in which 26 acts took to the stage in a riot of costume and glitter. The Sobrals’ ballad gave Portugal its first win in the 61-year-old contest.

The Portuguese singer won both the most points awarded by judges from each country in the contest and from residents of the nations taking part. The right to host the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest came after Jamala won the 2016 edition in Stockholm with her song ‘1944’. The 42 countries competing included Romania and Portugal who returned to the competition after a year’s absence. The 2017 contest was a special one for Austria, Denmark and the United Kingdom which celebrated the 60th anniversary of their first participation in 1957.