Hua Hin to Open Oil Factory of recycled plastic waste


Hua Hin to Open Oil Factory of recycled plastic waste The Hua Hin Municipality, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Energy of Thailand and the Single Point Co. Ltd., will open an oil factory making use of recycled plastic waste to reduce the increasing number of plastic garbage in Hua Hin. According to the Hua Hin Mayor Mr. Jira Pongpaiboon, the Municipality has currently worked with the Ministry of Energy and the Single Point Co. Ltd. on the construction of an oil plant in the Tab Tai sub-district with a 65-million Baht budget.

The project is presently available and the factory uses dumped waste plastic of more than100,000 tons daily to produce 4,500-7,000 liters of crude oil. The crude oil will be stored in a tank before sending to the Bank Jak Oil refinery. The Ministry of Energy, on behalf of the government, will secure the price of 18 Baht per liter. 50% of the refined crude oil will become diesel while 20% benzine and 30% gasoline. A few weeks after the official opening, the oil plant sent 32,000 liters of crude oil to Bang Jak refinery. Mr. Jira said that he had the idea of turning plastic waste to oil due to the increasing amount of garbage in Hua Hin every day.

Besides, there are 100,000 tons of garbage dumped in the ground. Unless the garbage is processed into alternative energy, environment will be affected as the garbage will decompose and smell bad. Artesian well water will become poisoned by the dumped garbage as well. Thanks to a high-technology machine from Poland introduced by the Single Point Co. Ltd. together with qualified engineers and technicians, this project is ranked No. 2 following the Rayong Municipality project. Apart from turning garbage to oil, the Hua Hin Mayor has initiated a project of making organic compost by drying fresh garbage to reduce the chemical substance. Then, the product will be processed into small pills and distributed to farmers countrywide so that they can use it as a fertilizer for perennial.

The Minister of Energy Dr. WannaratChannukul said that the Hua Hin Municipality introduced an innovative way to reduce garbage and toxic waste effectively. Previously, the Rayong Municipality was the first to transform garbage to oil under support and supervision of the Ministry who also secured the price of the product at 18 Baht per liter. Since Thailand has municipalities in all its provinces, the Ministry will encourage all of them to follow the initiatives of Hua Hin and Rayong. Hua Hin has been facing problems on large amounts of garbage that seem to increase day by day. The project of transforming plastic waste to oil and fresh garbage to compost is extremely useful in tackling such environmental problem.