Jazz Festival Hua Hin


Jazz Festival Hua Hin – from friday June 12th until Sunday evening , the Hua Hin Jazz festival ruled in Hua Hin.The streets were absolutely jammed with cars and those who could make it into town on a motorbike were lucky to find a place to deposit it. It was not only a Jazz festival but also a vendor parradise. The Damnern Kasam Road was blocked for traffic on one side, all the way from the Railroad station to the Beach. What a wonderfull feeling. Unfortunately the road to the Hilton where most tourists walk was not blocked.

The weather did not spoil the event as rain stopped throughout the evening except for a short splash here and there which caused spectators to question the date of the Festival…”This should take place in the high season , not in the low and rainy season”. It goes well noted at HHT.Will the organizers consider it ? The music was very good and the performances well organized and smooth. Some Hotels had their own life shows which did contribute positively to the music scenario. We should have more festivals in Hua Hin…not only Jazz ! There was a great party at the Hilton Brewery with most of the Jazz musicians performing on stage…beer flowing contineously. Pura Vida.
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