Khao Nang Panturat Park: Beautiful Natural Heritage


Khao Nang Panturat Park: Beautiful Natural Heritage Visible from afar, the Khao Nang Panturat Park has been a focal point of Cha-Am among both local fishermen and tourists for many generations. Its large stone podium aka Kot Nang Panturat (Nang Panturat’s Urn) is a mark of Cha-Am. According to ‘Sang Thong (Gold Conch Shell Prince)’, a famous Thai literature, this park is named after Panturat, the stepmother of Sang Thong, a handsome prince who takes adventure in search of his real mother. After learning that his stepmother is a female giant in disguise, the prince tried to run away from her. Loving the prince as her real son, Nang Panturat searched for him. Unfortunately, no matter how much she pleaded him to come back and live with her, the charming prince did not change his mind, thus causing her to suffer heartbreaking to death and become a big stone statue like what one sees at present. In 1994, some parts of the area of Kot Nang Panturat was damaged by an explosion. Viewing it from a helicopter in 1996, His Majesty the King would like to know who damaged this natural site. The Department of Forestry subsequently declared it as a reserved natural park on 23 February 2003.