Major militant attacks in Pakistan since October


A look at major attacks in Pakistan since the start of October:

— Dec. 24: Suicide bomber kills four near government buildings in the main northwest city of Peshawar.

— Dec. 22: Suicide bomber kills three at the Peshawar Press Club.

— Dec. 15: Suicide car bomber kills 33 near a lawmaker’s home in the Punjab province town of Dera Ghazi Khan.

— Dec. 7: Two bombs kill 34 at a market in eastern city of Lahore, while a suicide bomber kills 10 people outside a Peshawar court.

— Dec. 4: Gunmen and a suicide bomber attack a mosque in a military installation in Rawalpindi, killing 35.

— Dec. 2: Suicide bomber kills 2 outside Pakistani navy headquarters in Islamabad.

— Nov. 19: Suicide bomber kills 19 outside judicial complex in Peshawar.

— Nov. 16: Suicide truck bomber attacks a police station in northwest, killing six.

— Nov. 14: Suicide car bomber attacks a police checkpoint in northwest, killing 11.

— Nov. 13: Suicide car bomber strikes regional headquarters of the main spy agency in Peshawar, killing 10.

— Nov. 12: Gunmen kill a Pakistani working at the Iranian Consulate in Peshawar.

— Nov. 10: Suicide car bomber attacks crowded market in northwest, killing 26.

— Nov. 8: Suicide bomber hits crowded market in northwest, killing 12.

— Nov. 2: Suicide bomber kills 35 outside bank near Pakistan’s military headquarters in Rawalpindi.

— Oct. 28: Car bomb explodes in a crowded market in Peshawar, killing at least 112.

— Oct. 23: Suicide bomber kills seven close to a major air force complex in northwest.

— Oct. 22: Militants shoot and kill a senior army officer and a soldier in Islamabad.

— Oct. 20: Two suicide bombers attack the International Islamic University in Islamabad, killing six.

— Oct. 16: Three suicide attackers hit a police station in Peshawar, killing 13.

— Oct. 15: Teams of gunmen attack three security facilities in the eastern city of Lahore, leaving 28 dead.

— Oct. 12: Suicide car bomb explodes near a market in the northwestern Shangla district, killing 41.

— Oct. 10: Raid on the army headquarters in Rawalpindi leads to a 22-hour standoff that leaves nine militants and 14 others dead.

— Oct. 9: Suicide car bomb in busy market area in Peshawar kills 53.

— Oct. 5: Bomber dressed as a security official kills five staff members at the U.N. food agency’s headquarters in Islamabad.