More and more Americans infected by Covid-19 on a daily basis


Latest reported figure on Wednesday (11 Nov) showed an increase of 144,000 Americans being infected in one day. The ratio of infection is 1 for every 32-33 people, accumulating to 10,361,918 infections out of the 331 million population.

The Covid-19 death toll of 240,782 people in the US is astoundingly high since the outbreak compared to the total number of deaths of the 2004 Tsunami in South and Southeast Asia (227,798 deaths);

compared to the number of deaths from the 2010 devastating earthquake in Haiti which was nearly 250,000;

and the number of deaths in Somalia during the 2011-2012 famine which was almost 260,000.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Disease (NIAID), expected that a vaccine will be available in the US by December, saying that the Covid-19 epidemic will subside, but will definitely not go away.