Must Have Fashion For Fall

Must Have Fashion For Fall
Must Have Fashion For Fall
Must Have Fashion For Fall
Must Have Fashion For Fall

Once again it is time of my favourite season of the year, Fall or as some people would say Autumn.

For many it is synonymise with beginnings, from trying out a new wardrobe, a new job or even a new hairstyle. Many people also like the fact that Fall offers you the chance to wear pretty-much whatever you desire. This season is full of trends that will be suitable for Hua Hin and its heat, a colour palette with all shades of pastels, bold prints, and touchable embellishments but also in shapes to win over the heart of a minimalist. To make it easy, follow our guide to the top 10 things you will be wearing all Fall.

Cut-out Clothing and Super-slits

Next season’s biggest dose of sex appeal is sure to come from slits that are approaching hip level. Whether it’s a sultry dress ready for cocktails or something more typically buttoned up for those meetings at work, we’re big fans. With the idea of preserving subtle sensuality even during the cooler months, cut-out clothing is set to effortlessly be perfect for the high seasons in Thailand. Exposing just the right amount of skin, cutaway clothing is yet to make its final statement.

Leather Moto Theme

Typically reserved for looks that are either sexy or tough, leather has now officially gained a place as an everyday wardrobe essential. Powerful and edgy, bringing a different kind of sexappeal, the moto girls covered in layers of leather and moody colours will be running in the streets this fall. Expect new takes on the biker jackets, more leather boots, zippers, buckles and sexy mini-skirt silhouettes.

Punk 90’s Grunge

According to forecasting agency Trendstop, punk fashion will continue to evolve into Fall, with “styles that might run for A few seasons”. The punk rebellion is also set to access a new level of sophistication with its signature elements. Plaid in its grungy and chic look is also predicted to stay on as a major pattern trend. This autumn’s prints will grow into a display of subtle sophistication, and appear effortlessly glamorous.

Lady-like Leopard

It’s with a big smile on my face that I can confirm: the fashion world isn’t over leopard yet! The classic bold print was used on coats and dresses, but more subtle incarnations were also spotted, in case you prefer your feline understated. Either way, embrace it next season.


That most masculine of prints, skinny and ready-for-business, pinstripes are back for her this Fall. Even done in basic menswear shapes such as slacks and blazers, everything has a slouchy sex appeal that’ll bring a buzz to any office.

Fur Accents

Fur on the Fall runways is nothing new. I know it seems useless to speak about this trend when it is over 30 degrees outside, but the way we saw it walking down this season’s catwalks felt different. There were still plenty of full-on coats and throat-covering snoods (a kind of knitted scarf), but stripes and patches were also spotted on dresses, tops, and jackets. While the trimmings might not keep you toasty, they’ll certainly serve to add some Fall touch in our looks.

Pretty in Pastel

The most surprising trend to gain traction for the Fall and we won’t complain with the sun shining in Thailand, is a healthy dose of pastel shades. The sugary shades are typically associated with Spring collections, but the light they bring is always welcome to our eyes. Look for feminine dresses, yes, but also sharp shirts and loose pants. This season they will successfully replace the moody greys and all the blacks from last year’s wardrobes and will be perfect for our purses. The items we purchased over summer will follow us to enter Fall 2014, sweet and romantic.

Jewels Runways

No season is complete without a touch of sparkle, or so it seems to appear to be. Eye-catching rhinestones, shining beads and luxurious crystals which evoke the glamour of the best red carpet. Less extravagant and more on the sophisticated side, next season’s embellishments become key to accenting both femininity and the concept of modern clothes!

1950s fashion

One can also expect the Fall and Winter of 2014 to witness an ever-growing sensibility towards the 1950s signature elements of femininity. The swing jackets and midi-skirt will be fast-rewind to the past, together with tight waists and elbow length gloves, calling to movie icons such as Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.

Out-of-season Blooms

Floral prints on the runway? Nothing new! But remember which season we’re in Fall. Fresh flowers are forever seen through Spring collections, but it’s the first time we’ve seen such a full bouquet for this season. Bright pinks, purples, and reds were common and took centre stage.