Newly elected Parliament is UK’s most diverse

In this image taken from video, members of UK Parliament return to the House of Commons, London, Tuesday Dec. 17, 2019. Buoyed by a Conservative majority in Parliament, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson signaled Tuesday he won’t soften his Brexit stance, ruling out any extension of an end-of-2020 deadline to strike a trade deal with the European Union. (House of Commons via AP)

LONDON (AP) — Following last week’s decisive election victory for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservatives, the U.K.’s new Parliament leans to the right and is decisively pro-Brexit. It’s also the most diverse group of lawmakers the country’s voters have elected.

A look at some of the numbers in the House of Commons:

220: The number of female lawmakers, 12 more than were elected in the last election in 2017. Women now occupy one-third of all 650 seats. More than half of opposition Labour Party lawmakers are women, compared to only one in four Conservatives.

65: The number of members of Parliament from ethnic minority backgrounds, up from 52.

45: The minimum number of lawmakers who identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual, a similar number to 2017. The 2019 tally may be incomplete.

23: The age of the youngest lawmaker, Labour’s Nadia Whittome. A growing number of lawmakers under 30 may help lower the average age for members of Parliament, which in 2017 was 50.

By Associated Press
Photo: House of Commons via AP