Obama’s brother turns down film role


‘GUANGZHOU, China (AP) — President Barack Obama’s half brother in China says he has not accepted requests to be in the movie “Let the Bullets Fly” because he wants to focus on his writing and charity work.

Mark Ndesandjo told The Associated Press on Monday the $18 million Chinese frontier film is a “high quality and popular production” directed by Jiang Wen. The movie features Hong Kong mega star Chow Yun-fat.

The Guangzhou Daily News reported Monday that Ndesandjo was offered a role to star as a pastor in the film.

But Ndesandjo says he neither evaluated nor accepted a request to be in the film. He says he’s busy focusing on his writing and charity projects.

Ndesandjo, who recently published a novel, works as a consultant in the southern city of Shenzhen.