Off-Beat Holidays in April

Off-Beat Holidays in April
Off-Beat Holidays in April

With April fool’s Day and Easter to take the cake this month, we are now counting down some of the off-beat yet surprising holidays to celebrate in the month of April.

4thApril Tell-A-Lie Day

Be it a white lie, or ‘lie-lie,’ National Tell-A-Lie Day gives you just the opportunity to lie to your heart’s content. Sorry Parents and teachers, apparently ‘honesty is not the best policy’ this particular day. And whoever created Pinocchio, give this boy some rest, let him lie without his nose growing on this dishonest day!

6th April Sorry Charlie Day

As much as we wish not to think about past mistakes and move forward, sometimes it’s just seems too much, this Sorry Charlie Day drown yourself in the pit of your past and recollect everything you ever did wrong, just so you know that you have made it this far having learnt your lessons.

7th April National Beer Day

The world’s third most popular drink needs some appreciation and here comes ‘National Beer Day’ – what a lovely coincidence. Let’s utepils and watch the world pass by! (side note; Utepils is definitely not the English word, ah Norwegian, Google says.)

14th April Reach-As-High-As-You-Can Day

Whoever coined the phrase the ‘sky is the limit’ will forever be wrong when it comes to Reach-As-High-As-You-Can day. Why to aim at the sky when you can’t even reach 10 feet; be realistic in what you aim for, that way even if you fail, it will hurt less! And when you achieve it, don’t say you won’t be glad that you did!

17th April Haiku Poetry Day

Haiku having roots in Japanese poetry, is the 3 line poem. The first and last lines have 5 syllables and the middle line have 7.bbHaiku encourages an attempt to write very short but striking poems that can move souls; if one is blessed with such a gift.

Wrote you a haiku
Now it lies amidst the dust
With forlorn faint words.

Fair enough, a visual Haiku!
19th April Hanging Out Day

By Hanging out literally, in this sense, just clothes! Hanging out day is celebrated to shine a light on unnecessary consumption of energy, demonstrating that we humans can do basic task without relying too much on machines and save a penny or two.

30th April National Honesty Day

It is definitely parents and teachers’ way of getting back at us for National Tell-A-lie day, Enough, enough you guys won, but seriously in the same month. Anyways Honesty day does have its purpose, be honest as much as your conscience allow!