Some Offbeat Days To Celebrate in January

Some Offbeat Days To Celebrate in January
Some Offbeat Days To Celebrate in January

January is a month to begin your new year’s resolutions, start afresh and to be more determined than ever to enjoy life. Christmas stress is over, so here are some  of the ways you can join in some frivolous days this month!

January 4TH Hypnotism Day

There are huge amounts of skepticism  and a significant number of misconceptions around hypnotism, yet evidence would suggest that it has definite effects, practical applications and real-world impact, although there are arguments about whether or how much the placebo effect may be a factor. Regardless, Hypnotism Day aims to tackle misconceptions head-on, explore case studies and educate about modern applications of hypnotism.

January 5TH Whipped Cream Day

Nothing completes an ice cream sundae, hot chocolate or a piece of pumpkin pie quite like a luxurious dollop of real whipped cream. What a delight to celebrate all that is great about whipped cream with Whipped Cream Day! Whipped cream has been around for ages. But it was in 1946, when the aerosol can was first invented by Aaron Lapin, that sales and popularity of this dessert delight really took off. Whipped cream has continued to transform desserts and hot drinks from the merely ordinary to something truly special. Whether one likes whipped cream squirted straight out those nifty aerosol cans, or prefers the more traditional version of whisking cream by hand, whipped cream is truly one of those little delights in life that deserves a bit of praise and recognition. Whipped Cream Day provides the perfect excuse to indulge in a sweet treat with a generous portion of whipped cream on top. Happy Whipped Cream Day!

January 9TH Apricot Day

Not many people know that just three apricots will provide a person with a third of your daily beta carotene needs. This is just one of the benefits of this fruit that are celebrated on Apricot Day! Apricots are also rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and fibre. Apricots have been grown by humans for around 4,000 years. Originally from China, these nutritious stone fruits migrated west and now around 95% of the world’s apricots are grown in California. To celebrate Apricot Day, a good idea is to cook a dish like chicken tagine with apricots and almonds. These little orange fruits go well in both savoury and sweet recipes, and many people are familiar with them in flans and pastries. Apricots are available in dried and canned form too, so they can deliver their benefits all year round, not just on Apricot Day.

January 13TH Skeptics Day

Skeptics Day encourages you to respect and listen to your inner skeptic, and all of the skeptical people that you know. Not everything can be as good as it sounds, some things are bound to be disappointing, and things can only get worse; right?

January 16TH Hot & Spicy Food Day

For one red-hot day a year, a day just made for Thailand, heat-seekers and extreme eaters can take their passion to extremes. International Hot and Spicy Foods Day sparks a wildfire of events, from habanero-eating challenges to fancydress contests and cook-offs of popular recipes. Among serious aficionados, it also re-kindles the great debate: which chili pepper tops the official Scoville heat scale? There’s no denying the daredevil nature of some of the celebrations. However, people who like a meal to tingle their taste buds, not make their eyes water, shouldn’t feel left out. Enjoying a touch of heat in our cooking is a worldwide human trait, so what better day to invite your family and friends to discover a different cuisine? is truly the spice of life…

January 18TH Thesaurus Day

Lost for words? Before falling back on your standard, boring vocabulary, why not consider using taking advantage of Thesaurus Day and looking up an exciting alternative? There are many alternative ways of saying something is nice.

January 20TH Cheese Lovers Day

For some cheese gourmets, the word ‘love’ simply doesn’t go far enough. The time is ripe to unite in praise… Not everyone can match the fans of the Green Bay Packers football team in Wisconsin, USA, whose yellow, wedgeshaped hats are the ultimate in cheesy headgear. But Cheese Lovers Day is a true moment of celebration. What better time to honor the craft, patience and pleasure in one of our finest creations? Tastings, cheese rolling, special restaurant menus, costume parties and giant fondues have all been features of the day. If you’re planning your own event, you may find that dairies and shops need only a little persuasion to get involved. What’s more, few foods have such a well-loved place in our language. So invite the most important people you know and put on your ‘guilty pleasures’ playlist – just remember to take lots of photos…

January 23RD Pie Day

Everybody loves pie, arguably one of the greatest and most versatile food structures known to mankind. Sweet, savoury, filled with gravy or sauce, pies come in all shapes, sizes and flavours. Why not celebrate this Pie Day by making a pie from scratch, using your favourite fillings?

January 24TH Beer Can Appreciation Day

Beer has only been sold in cans since 1935, and what a revolutionary moment that was. Celebrate  Beer Can Appreciation Day responsibly, and consider how different our world might be if you couldn’t get beer in cans! As ever, however, celebrate responsibly.

January 29TH Fun at Work Day

Fun At Work Day is all about enjoying yourself; dressing up silly, office-based mischief, or just cranking the music up loud while you work! Your boss should know that a fun work place is a productive work place and happy workers mean happy customers or does he (or her) just need to lighten up?