Pacific WebWorks says it is settling Google suit


SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Pacific WebWorks Inc. said Monday it has reached a settlement agreement with Google Inc. regarding a trademark infringement suit the search leader filed against it earlier this month.

Google filed a federal lawsuit Dec. 7 against Pacific WebWorks, claiming it is using its name to defraud consumers by encouraging them to sign up for a kit that will show them how to them make money using Google.

The Utah Better Business Bureau said it’s just another work-at-home scam that lets the company charge people’s bank accounts for useless moneymaking kits. Utah incorporation records list a Christian Lars as president of Pacific WebWorks Inc. in the warehouse district of Salt Lake City.

Pacific WebWorks said in a statement Monday that both sides reached an “agreement in principle” to settle the suit. It did not give specific details of the deal, but said that it will “cooperate with Google’s request for expedited discovery.”