Qualcomm ends sales of portable sets for mobile TV, US


NEW YORK (AP) — It looks as if U.S. consumers just aren’t that interested in getting TV on their phones and other mobile devices.

Wireless technology developer Qualcomm Inc. is pulling back on its efforts to sell mobile TV service under the FLO TV brand. The company will no longer sell its standalone, battery-powered portable TV sets. It’s also looking at whether to shut down the service for all users, which would include AT&T and Verizon Wireless customers with certain phones.

Qualcomm’s announcement late Tuesday is another nail in the coffin for mobile TV, at least in its subscription-based incarnation. FLO TV customers pay $9 per month and up for a package of 10 to 15 live TV stations. The company has previously said that it’s looking at options for the FLO TV network.