Rainy Season in Thailand


Rainy Season In thailand What to Expect During Thailand’s Rainy Season No rain for a week at a time Night rain and clear days Torrential rains that last 30 minutes to 2 hours, then clearing and sun Overcast days with little to no rain Two to three days of partial day rain in a week is, especially later in the rainy season Common Rainy Season Problems You will get wet and need to change/dry out Temporary interruption or delay of itinerary and travel plans Serious trekking, especially in mountain areas can get pretty slippery Planning outdoor activities is more difficult and requires flexibility Rough seas will make ferry travel to some islands unpleasant Local transportation can be less comfortable Renting motorcycles during the rainy season should be well thought out and riding style modified Thailand Rainy Season Advantages Accommodations are cheaper Weather is cooler There will be fewer tourists The countryside in Thailand becomes lush, fresh and vibrant White water rafting is awesome in the later part of the rainy season River travel and raft floats can be more pleasant.