Senior Doubles Championship


Tennis Senior Championship at Palm Hills

Palm Hills – Reuters- CNNM – After 3 Months of teaming up with different partners , the Hua Hin Tennis Association played their final Tennis Championship at Palm Hills on August 5.
A selection of international legends such as IggyDowntheline ( Cuba ) , Steve Topspin ( Wales ) , Bill Lovelob ( USA), Peter Volleystrm ( Sweden) and Jerry Servebullet ( Netherlands) teamed up in the finals round robin. After each set , the teams were rotated individually and each player scored according to a win on his side.
After counting the points, Steve and Peter went home with the trophies. Runner up Iggy, Bill and Jerry will need to do better next year.
Hua Hin Today is putting down the basement stone for a regional Tennis Tournament with different categories to give young and old a chance to win. More about this in Hua Hin Today September issue.