Singapore National Day

Singapore National Day
Singapore National Day

John W B writes: “On page 17 for August you mentioned National Days for Pakistan, India, Indonesia and Malaysia, but ignored your close neighbour Singapore! National Day on 9th August!”

Editor’s comments: My apologies to all in Singapore! Not a deliberate omission; we promise this won’t happen again next year!

AirAsia The introduction to AirAsia considering flying to Hua Hin received different responses received from readers. Most of the comments received welcomed the economic growth prospects and like Bjorn P say that Hua Hin has been waiting for years for international air transport options. However there are clearly some concerns about Hua Hin becoming less family friendly with reade

rs eager to avoid the less wholesome image of other tourist destinations. Residents living near to the runway are also concerned that their peace and quiet will be affected.

Editor’s Comment: AirAsia can only offer the means for international air travel but managing the impact of traveller numbers on the community is up to others to address.